Squero Padovano

In Venice squero is the boatyard for the building, maintenance and shelter for traditional boats such as the sandolo, mascareta, puparin, and, of course, the most popular gondola. Even in Padua, city of waters, as in Venice, there were once squeri overlooking the waterways.
Within the walls of the ancient city, in a hidden place to rediscover, we have improvised our squero. Here we're trying to share a story that has been lost over fifty years ago.


This is one of 3 mascarete owned by the Association Amissi Piovego. It's the number 1 because it was the first boat of the association.
It was built in 1984 by Proto shipyard of Venice. It is 8.23 m long and 1.20 m wide; at the center is 0.43 m high, weight approx. 1.8 quintals. 
The mascareta is one of the most widely-used boats (we have 3 in the organization).
It's a light boat with two oars, belonging to the family of sandoli, used also in traditional competitions for kids and women.

March 2016: our n.1 needs a extraordinary maintenance; all members are invited to lend a hand:

there is also work for women:

Paolo deals with the oars:

Phases of the reconstruction of one of cugni:

Phases of repairs the feet of sanconi:

particular repair of the stern edge:

before the launch:

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