Squero Padovano

In Venice squero is the boatyard for the building, maintenance and shelter for traditional boats such as the sandolo, mascareta, puparin, and, of course, the most popular gondola. Even in Padua, city of waters, as in Venice, there were once squeri overlooking the waterways.
Within the walls of the ancient city, in a hidden place to rediscover, we have improvised our squero. Here we're trying to share a story that has been lost over fifty years ago.


The sampierota is 6,10 m long and 1,62 m wide.
Original Piane and Sanconi are oak, but we used beech to make repairs and redossi.
Everything else is in larch, wood that we used mostly for repairs.
The paioli have been rebuilt with 14 mm thick marine plywood.


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